Introduction of SlimShape II

16 October 2015
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SlimShape II

SlimShape II is the latest weight lose instrument with the cutting edge technology in beauty industry. It has a collection of “frozen melt fat”, “negative + light curve”, “fat cavitation break” three powerful technology into one instrument. SlimShape II uses its ultrasound head to emit 40000HZ sound waves which can penetrate into the subcutaneous fat cells under the intracellular vibration to vibrate fat cells in extremely high speed, create numerous Intracellular vacuum air pockets which is named “cavitation effects”, to impact fat cells and generate introverted blast of the fat cell membranes, decompose triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. The decomposed waste can be excreted through the enterohepatic circulation by 0.5MHZ frequency RF wave. Finally, the loose skin will be positioning and orientation tightened shaping, cellulite reduction by the power of energy electrode to achieve a beautiful body curve as the result.

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Introduction of Water Ionizer

30 minutes Ion detox process: Water Ionizer can make water create a negative potential field, let human feet contact with Water Ionizer’s negative potential of ionized water. So, human body shows the same potential field with ionized water, effectively stimulate the cell membrane sodium-potassium pump, and enhance its transport function, thereby enhancing cell membrane detoxification function. Toxins inside cells can enter into water in the role of negative potential field through more than 2000 Water Ionizer pores, and then react with various of ions in water so as to cause water discoloration. which named “detoxification visible.” The effect of detox can be compared by blood, urine and other routine testing, which named “effect testable.”

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