Crystal Microdermabrasion

16 October 2015
Introduction of Crystal Microdermabrasion
Photodynamic is well-known as the “magic light”, which is a biologically active cold light, with low-energy pure light and unique dimming technology for skin care and treatment. It is gentle and nature technology with significant result, low risk and no side effect. It’s applicable to all types of skin nature, particularly for severe allergic skin, acne-prone skin and has a remarkable effect on the prevention and treatment of sub-health rehabilitation.
Photodynamic can convert light energy into the Interior energy of cells to accelerate cell growth, blood circulation and stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen tissue so as to play an important role of increasing skin elasticity, repairing aging skin, acne-prone skin, fade and sunburn spots, improving skin firmness.
Introduction of Crystal Microdermabrasion

Introduction of Herbal Fumigation Bed
Herbal fumigation bed can make herbal water converted to steam with herbal ions inside through advanced herbal vaporization and digital temperature control device. Patient is treated by fumigation steam heat during the treatment, so that the body pores and capillary net open in the steam environment and then body toxins can be released. Herbal ions through the diseased part and the meridian lesion effectively penetrate the drug directly to patients, on the microcirculation, loose bone, joint pain and loose with good results.

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